Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oh god the pain

The pain that they have cause me is more of that of a mother giving birth. That little fucker bold ass bitch chupete killed my dreams as he scored the third goal. I was about to scream with the force of a thousands suns when he scored the first goal. the second goal was a spit in the face of us Santos fallwers. come on man, who the fuck plays the ball when its 2 inches off the line. Fucking blind ass ref you took too long to retire. I can tell he saw the pain an missery of Monterrey team. Their field and staduim sucks so much balls. Santos could not adapt quick enough to the third world like stadioum they had to play in. Come on, they come from one of the most modern and state of the art stadiums to play in a fucking mud pit that looks like the devil took a shit and he fucking threw up in. Man that field was sucky. anyways we lost fair and square. But the rage still burns within my heart. Soo deep. The second one in this year. Fuck it hurts. yeah. Pinche Romano esta salado de amadre. that is all.